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Hitting the Jackpot but forgetting to claim

Some people will spend all their time thinking about their gambling efforts, keeping an eye out for the latest casino bonus so they can get a healthy boost to their game. Some people who play the lottery keep every single ticket they ever buy tucked in their wallets. But not everyone. The total amount of unclaimed tickets, for 2017 alone, amounted to more than $5 Million in the US, around £2 million worth of lottery prizes are unclaimed every week in the UK. But it's not just smaller units, there have been a few major jackpots that the winner simply failed to claim. Here's a few of the more notable examples of wins that nobody stepped up to claim.

£6.9 Million

In the UK, back in 2008, there was someone from Devon who bought a ticket and won an incredible 6.9 Million but failed to come forward and collect it. The win actually occurred in 2007, with all the lucky numbers for the EuroMillions cropping up on one ticket that was never redeemed. You might start to notice a pattern in this, there are an awful lot of tickets that win but never get claimed. But this one has a sadder twist, someone came forward and claimed to be the owner of the ticket. He'd bought a large amount of tickets while he was abroad in the UK and stashed them at home but by the time he went to try and find them, they were gone. Whether or not he'd actually won is a matter for debate, but it's definitely true that he didn't collect the impressive number of winnings.

£1,666,667 twice

While it's entirely possible that one person might misplace their ticket or fail to check their numbers, it's unthinkable that two people would both forget. But that exact circumstance occurred in 2006 when the jackpot was won by two people at once and neither came forward to collect. The winning tickets were sold in Warwickshire and Glasgow, despite the best efforts of locals and the lottery themselves, they couldn't find either winner and the time to claim slipped by;which meant both had missed out on their chance to claim the winnings.

£64 Million

Way back in 2012, there was a truly colossal win for some lucky player in the Stevenage area of the UK. Matching all five numbers and both lucky star numbers, the amount of money that they had won was simply astounding. But the player never came forward. Despite the best efforts of the national lottery (and of the Town Crier) they couldn't find the individual before the time limit to claim ran out over the course of weeks. The money itself went to a variety of charities in order to help people listed in the lotteries charity, so it's not exactly a terrible thing, but you have to feel for whoever won all that money but never got to see it.

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